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In our retailer you may buy cases and related products for manufacture skimmers.
You may purchase in the release ready skimmer.

We have qualiti slots for the different ATM.
You may buy any cases and manufacture FLASH skimmer yourself.
For the manufacture of simple skimmer on FLASH technology, you will need:
1)"face" (skimmer's case)
2)The scanner "head" of a magnetic card.(You may buy it in the our retailer).
3)Electronics, for example reader msrv010.(You may buy it in alibaba.com. Website, that we trust).

CAUTION! The retailer doesn't sell Dump+PIN.
If somebody try to sell Dump+PIN, you should understand, that you are deceived.

Our retailer gives guaranty for the entire range of its product.
We do loyal discount for regular clients and big discount for clients, who buy in release.

ONLY IN OUR RETAILER the buyer can protect themselves, when he making a deal, booked checking the having of product before sending.Its done with help video or photo.

ONLY OUR RETAILER MAKE A DEAL WITH HELP GARANT. The byer may request make a deal not directly, but with help GARANTS of some of the most reputable carding forums. More information you can find in the FAQ section.

The buyer may oerder any of the cases in standart colour and in any colour palette catalog RALL. More information you may to find in the FAQ section.

Покупатель может заказать любой из корпусов как в стандартном, так и в любом цвете палитры по каталогу RALL. Подробнее вы можете ознакомится в разделе FAQ.

Ordening a case for the skimmer, you may also order the scanner "head".
The scanner "head" of a magnetic will be placed in the case and calibrated. The buyer will be provided with the scan schedule confirming the correct location of the scanner "head" in the case.

We also provide services for audiodecode your audio dumps. Read more in the appropriate section.

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