Additions for cases:

Check product:
Before payment for you send photo your order on a sheet of paper with the inscription:
"This is product of retailer skimmers for buyer xxxxxxxx."
If you have chosen addition "The installation "head", we will send the sample signal from the "head" in the graphics or audio form.

2 or 3 track performance:
Usually case is makes for scanning "head" only 2 tracks. With your wish possible the manufacture of the case for scanning "head" in 2 or 3 tracks

The installation "head":
Usually case sell without scanning "head". But if you will pay, in case put scanning "head", after that calibrated.

To take on the release:
For addition payment you may rent the ready skimmer.
Case with putting electronics, guarant scanning cards (without noise) about 100%.
You will be sent ready audio skimmer in the release on the following conditions:
1) After you decode the material is divided 70% of your and 25% ours.
2) Decode of every dump for apiece 1 dumb/10$

My colour:
You may for addition payment order painted in any colour.
For it need to write nomber of colour from catalog RAL.

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