Audio Decode

Services decrypt (decode) dump from audio skimmers in track 2:
1) Decrypt sound almost any difficulty (magnetic noise and jitter)
2) Decrypt any amount starting from one dump
3) No prepayments. Payment by results
4) Price of decrypt fixed from 25$/dump

The rules of make deal on auduo decode:
1) Download the file with sound

2) Send a link to sendspace me in contact with mark audio decode.
3) Occurs within 2 days of viewing your file and assign the final price. Price good quality 10 dolars 1 dump.
Example of good sound:

With bad sound quality the price more expensive.
Example bad quality of sound:

4) The decode write following:
00.01.55-00.02.15/ - timing, time of entrance and exit of card from ATM in format HOUR.MINUTE.SECOND.
The timing required for the correct mapping dumping with PTS.
4100410000008899=1410121Х9255088Х0000 - track 2. XX 2 figures closed.
5) Make a payment. More about payment you may read in section FAQ-PAYMENT.
6) Get full track with open figures XX

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